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Worried About Wildfires?

We Help Protect Your Home & Family From Forest Fires

While the Colorado foothills west of Denver are a beautiful place to live, the area is unfortunately prone to devastating wildfires. Dry forest fuel (such as we usually experience in the summer) and high winds compound the problem.

Fire mitigation is one of the most important and effective ways to protect yourself, your family and your home from the risk of catastrophic damage in a forest fire.

Minimize the Destructive Effects of Wildfire With Fire Mitigation Services

Defensible space is the area around your house where the vegetation, including shrubs and trees, has been modified or removed to reduce the intensity of a wildfire and slow its spread.

Our tree care professionals create a defensible space around your house by reducing the amount of combustible plant fuels around your property.

We focus on three levels of potential threats to your property:

  • Ground Fuels - These are combustible materials found on the ground, such as dry leaves and needles, fallen trees and branches, and dead plants (including trees). Removing them helps to slow down the speed and intensity of a wildfire.
  • Ladder Fuels - Ladder fuels are materials that allow a fire to spread upward from the ground to the tree canopy or your roof. We carefully remove young trees/saplings, the lower branches of trees and any large shrubs that could ignite in a fire.
  • Top Fuels - Heavy tree canopies allow wildfire to quickly jump from tree to tree and spread beyond the reach of fire crews on the ground. Selectively thinning tree canopies can lower the risk of fire spreading.

Create a Defensible AND Beautiful Space

Defensible space doesn't have to be barren and ugly!

The Certified Arborists at LAM Tree Service can help you create a defensible and beautiful space around your home. By carefully choosing plants that are less flammable, planting and properly spacing them in areas that are less likely to contribute to wildfire, and maintaining healthy plants that are more fire resistant, you can have an attractive landscape that mitigates the spread of wildfire.

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Fire Mitigation Service Area

Give us a call if you're concerned about wildfire potential on your property in any of these areas.

  • Evergreen
  • Conifer
  • Pine
  • Bailey
  • Shawnee
  • Kittredge
  • Ideldale
  • Indian Hills
  • Morrison
  • Lakewood
  • Littleton
  • Wheat Ridge
  • Golden
  • Idaho Springs
  • Georgetown
  • Empire
  • and the Surrounding Foothill Communities

Insurance Information

Most homeowner insurance companies in our area require that you develop and implement a fire mitigation plan before they will insure you (or renew your current insurance coverage).

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