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Fire Mitigation

Forest fires are an unfortunate reality of living in such a beautiful part of the country. We can help minimize the risks of wildfire while keeping your property looking attractive.

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Pruning & Trimming

Carefully removing dead, damaged, diseased or otherwise unwanted tree branches adds to their aesthetic value, improves their strength and maintains their safety.

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Pine Beetle Treatment

Periodic outbreaks of mountain pine beetles destroy millions of trees in Colorado. They develop primarily in pines and can spread rapidly.

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Tree Removal

Sometimes a tree needs to be removed - for safety, fire mitigation, view enhancement or other reasons. We specialize in safely taking down trees in any location, including tight or difficult to reach places.

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Pest & Disease Control

A wide range of insect pests and diseases are always present in the Colorado forest. All of these need proper diagnosis and the right treatment to prevent tree damage, disfigurement and even death.

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Other Services

We provide tree care consultations, noxious weed removal, firewood and mulch, holiday lighting, winter snow removal and more. Call us to see what we can do for you - you may be surprised!

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Seasonal Tips - Fall

Schedule tree trimming for when trees go dormant - it's a great time to prune most trees and to remove dwarf mistletoe

Set your lawn up for success with a winterizer application

Keep watering! Drought conditions have stressed our trees; water throughout the fall and get ready now for winter watering

Order firewood before we run out for the season

FREE MULCH! We always have free mulch for the taking. Come by our facility anytime to load you own or give our office a call to get on the delivery list*. Mulch is great for around your trees and your gardens too! (* full truck loads only; twelve to sixteen cubic yards)


Why Work With LAM Tree?

Your tree work is carried out by highly trained personnel, including:

  • Our four ISA Certified Arborists
  • Arborists with the advanced Tree Risk Assessment Qualification (TRAQ) and
  • Colorado Department of Agriculture licensed pesticide applicators.

We have been providing our customers in the Colorado foothills and mountains west of Denver with reliable, professional tree service for 40 years.

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