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Here in the foothills west of Denver, CO we're officially in zone 4 and between 7000’ and 9000’ in elevation. That makes for highly variable conditions from property to property, and even microclimates within the same property. For example, the south side of a home can have conditions like zone 5 while on the north side it's closer to zone 3.

As a result, we have a lot of different trees growing in our area. Below you'll see some of the most common trees in the Denver foothills.

If you're looking for suggestions on which trees to plant in your yard, the ones shown here are good options, although it's difficult to say with certainty that the trees shown here are the best ones for your property. While the trees below are suitable for most properties in our area, consider any microclimates on your property before planting.

Also, keep in mind that deer and elk are everywhere, and even the occasional moose - and they love to eat and rub deciduous plants, including young trees. So be sure to protect any newly-planted trees (or put up a fence).

Ask the Pros

If you're not sure which trees are best in your situation or can't quite identify what's growing on your property, give us a call at 303-674-8733 - we're happy to take a look, ID any trees and recommend ones that would do well for you.

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Tree Planting

We recommend spring or early fall planting to get your new trees off to a great start. You can always call us for advice on where to plant your new tree(s) and don’t forget that we offer professional tree planting services if you don’t want to do it yourself!


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