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Plant Health Care

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Insect & Disease Management & Treatment 

What Is Plant Health Care?

If you're looking to create a healthy and beautiful landscape, then Plant Health Care (PHC) is for you.

It goes beyond pruning, general maintenance and occasional fertilization and instead focuses on preventing issues from arising in the first place.

Why wait for something to go wrong with your landscape (like pests, diseases, storms and fire) when you can proactively manage it to avoid most of the undesirable outcomes.

While we can't prevent all problems, we CAN maintain and improve your landscape's health, appearance, vitality and safety.


Plant Health Care Services

Insect & Disease Control Programs

A wide range of insects are always present in the Colorado forest, including some that harm your trees and landscape. Pine bark beetles and the Ips beetle are just two, and create huge problems in our area (you can learn more on our page about controlling mountain pine beetle). We also have many tree diseases and pests, like the Cooley Spruce gall, dwarf mistletoe and needle scale.

All of these need proper diagnosis and the right treatment to prevent damage and disfigurement to your trees. Some, like the pine beetles, can kill your trees if not treated.

Based on our analysis of the situation, we choose from a range of sprays and tree injections to get the most effective treatment to the affected area.

Lawn Programs

Most mountain properties don’t have the typical turf grass areas. We offer programs custom suited to mountain lawns. Whether your lawn is typical or not, we can help with diseases, bare spots or an annual weed and feed and winterization.

Noxious Weed Management

Noxious weeds are difficult and labor intensive to control. Sometimes they just seem to rear their ugly seed heads no matter what you do. Let us help! With our approach of herbicide spraying, native grass seeding and biological controls those tough weeds don’t stand a chance.

>> Learn how to ID Colorado weeds here.

Root Treatments

There is a reason for that old saying “Getting to the root of the problem.” Most of our trees' roots have been mistreated and neglected. We have a number of techniques we utilize to revive plants roots. When your trees, shrubs and landscape plants have healthy roots they are disease resistant and more aesthetically pleasing. Whether it’s a simple fertilization or a detailed soil analysis, we’ll get to the root of the problem!

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Timelines for Tree and Lawn Treatments

Ips Beetle

  • Late Feb. through Mid-April

Poplar Borer

  • March/April

Spruce Beetle/Douglas Fir Beetle

  • April/May

Cooley Spruce Gall/White Pine Weevil

  • April/May again August/Sept.

Tree Root Treatments

  • April/May or August/September

Aspen Fungus/Insects

  • Mid-April through July

Mountain Pine Beetle

  • May through July

Lawn Care/ Weed Control

  • April through September

Dwarf Mistletoe

  • Late July through August

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I have used LAM Tree Service for many years and continue to find them pleasant to work with and highly professional. They do regular root feeds and spray for pests. The result is healthy trees and no disease. Ryan came over today to give me an estimate on tree trimming and he offered excellent (and free) advice on caring for a sick Aspen and other issues. I also praise LAM Tree for supporting local sports teams (men's softball, girls' sports) and being part of the Evergreen and Conifer community.

Ronald F.

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