Tree Services


At LAM Tree Service we have 4 ISA (International Society of Arboriculture) Certified Arborists and 1 ASCA consulting arborist on staff. If you have a tree problem of any kind we are available to provide an expert diagnosis. Even if there is no current problem, it is often wise to have your property checked by a certified arborist at a reasonable hourly rate. This can educate you about your trees and prevent any future problems.

Tree Removal

Difficult tree removals are our specialty. We can safely remove trees near houses and power lines. We can cut up the wood for firewood and leave it for you or haul it off. Branches can be chipped into mulch and left for your use or can be hauled off. There are many reasons to remove trees. The trees may be diseased or maybe the trees are crowding each other. Trees sometimes need to be removed for a construction project or just to let in additional sunlight. Whatever the reason, just call for a free estimate.

Trimming & Deadwooding

The predominant tree in the area, the Ponderosa Pine, often loses its bottom branches as it grows. This looks unsightly and also reduces tree vigor, inviting insects and disease. Trimming off the dead and dying branches - deadwooding - helps the tree resist these problems and makes your property more attractive. Another important benefit of deadwooding is that it helps decrease the danger of forest fires. We can give you a per-tree price on this service.

Plant Health Care - Pest & Disease Control, Noxious Weed & Lawn Programs, Root Treatments

It goes beyond pruning, general maintenance and occasional fertilization and instead focuses on preventing issues from arising in the first place. Why wait for something to go wrong with your landscape (like pests, diseases, storms and fire) when you can proactively manage it avoid most of the undesirable outcomes. While we can't prevent all problems, we CAN maintain and improve your landscape's health, appearance, vitality and safety.

Free Mulch/Chipping

We always offer free mulch. This mulch is the by-product of the tree branches we remove, and has many uses. We generally look for delivery sites within a few miles of our shop in North Evergreen, but will deliver to outlying areas if we are working in the area. We also deliver higher quality mulch for $10 per yard. This is mulch more suitable for formal landscapes. Call early in the spring to get on either list.

Snow Removal Services

Snow plowing, shoveling and deicing services are available to commercial and residential clients from September through May 1st. Please contact us for more information.


Sold in one or two cord (128 cubic feet = 1 cord) increments and delivered to your home. Our split and seasoned firewood is a mix of Pine, Spruce, Fir and Juniper. Call now and get on the delivery list!

Tree Planting

We can install evergreens up to 15 feet tall and deciduous trees up to 20 feet tall in most locations. Don’t pay for those spade or field dug trees before talking to an I.S.A Certified Arborist. Those trees won’t grow for 10 + years! Let us get the right tree for the right spot in your yard.