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How Spring Weather Affects Treatment Timing For Weeds, Insect Pests & Tree Diseases

May 23, 2019
apple buds with rain

Have you ever wondered why weeds, bugs, and plant diseases seem to appear earlier some years but much later other years? Unlike holidays and birthdays, the emergence of weeds and insect populations isn’t determined by a date on your calendar. Instead, timing is based on a combination of factors, with spring weather conditions being the most important.

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Great Plants for Firewise Landscapes in the Colorado Foothills

May 20, 2019
rudbeckia in bloom

You CAN have a beautifully landscaped yard and still be firewise – it just takes a little knowledge and know-how to protect your property from wildfires.

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Protect Your Trees During Construction or Landscaping Projects

Apr 22, 2019
landscaping construction wheelbarrows in front of stone wall

If you’re planning a landscaping, construction or home improvement project this year, take these steps to protect your valuable trees before finalizing project plans.

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Frost Cracks: Loud Noises From Your Trees at Night

Feb 12, 2019
frost crack aspen

If you’ve ever heard what sounds like a rifle shot coming from your yard in the cold winter night, it’s probably due to a frost crack. Frost cracks occur when a tree “bursts” open in winter due to extreme temperature swings. Is it harmful? Can it be fixed? We have all the details in this article.

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Preventing Road Salt Damage To Your Plants & Pets

Jan 24, 2019
salt damage - salt truck

Do your shrubs or trees ever show signs of salt damage in the spring? On evergreens, this can appear as the browning of needles, on leafy plants it manifests as burnt or singed-looking leaves. But there are things you can do to prevent salt damage without losing your footing on icy roads and walkways.

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Helping Trees Survive Winter in Colorado

Dec 17, 2018
winter tree damage

As you know if you’ve lived in Colorado for any length of time, winter does not generally harm trees. It’s a natural part of life here, and the trees, plants, and wildlife all adapt (as do we). However, there are times where snow, ice, or winds from winter storms cause damage, and in those cases, there are things that you can do to help your trees.

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Benefits of Winter Tree Pruning and Removal

Oct 25, 2018
winter tree pruning

Many kinds of tree pruning and removal can be done during the winter months here in Colorado – and in some cases, it’s better for the trees and your yard.

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How Drought Affects Fall Leaf Color in Colorado Trees

Sep 24, 2018
fall leaf color on aspens in colorado

The ongoing drought throughout much of Colorado has stressed trees to the point that fall leaf color is being affected. Here’s what to expect this year and why.

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Lichen On Your Trees: Good or Bad?

Jul 27, 2018
lichen on branch

You may have noticed a gray, green, or even yellow mossy looking substance growing on your trees. Lichen is not moss, however, and it’s not even a plant. So what is lichen, what is it doing on your tree, and is it harming the tree that it’s growing on?

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Five Best Colorado Trees for Small Spaces

May 23, 2018
blog small trees colorado

As property sizes continue to shrink, customers ask us more often about which smaller trees or shrubs to plant. Even on larger properties, there are spaces where a more petite or narrow tree would be best. We suggest you try one (or more!) of these five Colorado trees for small spaces in your landscape.

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