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rudbeckia in bloom

Great Plants for Firewise Landscapes in the Colorado Foothills

Jul 23, 2024

Discover the top plants for firewise landscapes in the Colorado Foothills. Protect your home from wildfire while maintaining a beautiful, low-mainteance yard.

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Arborists from LAM Tree Service bucket truck and grappler collecting trunks from a freshly felled tree in Jefferson County, CO.

How to Prepare for Tree Removal

Jun 25, 2024

If you’ve scheduled tree removal service, you may be wondering “What now?” Read our quick guide describing the steps you can take to make the removal process fast and efficient.

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The infamous emerald ash borer on the trunk of an ash tree in Colorado.

Summer Alert: Colorado Tree Bugs to Watch for This Season

May 29, 2024

Colorado tree bugs love damaging our precious trees in summer. Learn how to identify, prevent, and manage these insect pests to keep your trees healthy all season.

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Tree pests like these can be prevented with regular maintenance.

How to Prevent Tree Diseases and Insect Pest Problems

Apr 22, 2024

Getting an early start on dealing with insect and disease issues can make all the difference between a beautiful, healthy landscape and one that’s plagued by problems all season. By focusing on prevention, rather than reacting to disease and pest infestation when it happens, you save money that may be spent on unnecessary pesticides and get to enjoy a more attractive environment.

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A tree that has fallen on a roof in Evergreen, Colorado, before it was removed by LAM Tree.

What to Do if Your Tree is Leaning

Mar 28, 2024

Leaning trees could either be completely acceptable, or a hazard waiting to happen. Don’t know how to tell the difference? Let us show you.

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Piles of different types of soil found in the Colorado Front Range.

The Best Soil Types for Thriving Trees in the Colorado Front Range

Feb 29, 2024

Dig into the soils of the Front Range, exploring what makes “good” soil for our local trees, and what you can do if your soil is less than ideal.

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The Best Plants to Restore Your Landscape After a Wildfire in Colorado

Dec 15, 2023

Learn which plants are best for restoring our uniquely beautiful Colorado landscapes post-wildfire. By focusing on native plants and understanding the new environmental dynamics, we can turn a scene of devastation into an opportunity for ecological renewal and resilience.

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The pink flowers of the Colorado native prairie fire crabapple tree.

Planting Native Trees and Plants in Colorado

Nov 14, 2023

Discover the untapped benefits of planting native trees and plants in the Colorado Front Range, from enhancing your surroundings to supporting the local ecosystem.

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Considering DIY Tree Removal or Pruning?

Nov 2, 2023

If you want to do large tree pruning or removal yourself, here are the questions to answer before starting. DIY tree work is dangerous – be safe by knowing the risks and understanding the training, equipment, and specialized tools that go into doing it safely and properly.

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Grasses of various heights grow on an Evergreen, Colorado property.

How to Have Grasses on Your Colorado Property While Still Being Fire-Wise

Oct 3, 2023

While grasses, especially non-native invasive grasses, can cause wildfires to spread, that doesn’t mean you can’t have them on your property while being fire-wise. In this article, we explain how to remove grasses that are noxious weeds, plant native grasses, and maintain a defensible space to prevent wildfires.

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