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winter tree pruning

Benefits of Winter Tree Pruning and Removal

Oct 25, 2018

Many kinds of tree pruning and removal can be done during the winter months here in Colorado – and in some cases, it’s better for the trees and your yard.

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fall leaf color on aspens in colorado

How Drought Affects Fall Leaf Color in Colorado Trees

Sep 24, 2018

The ongoing drought throughout much of Colorado has stressed trees to the point that fall leaf color is being affected. Here’s what to expect this year and why.

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lichen on branch

Lichen On Your Trees: Good or Bad?

Jul 27, 2018

You may have noticed a gray, green, or even yellow mossy looking substance growing on your trees. Lichen is not moss, however, and it’s not even a plant. So what is lichen, what is it doing on your tree, and is it harming the tree that it’s growing on?

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blog small trees colorado

Five Best Colorado Trees for Small Spaces

May 23, 2018

As property sizes continue to shrink, customers ask us more often about which smaller trees or shrubs to plant. Even on larger properties, there are spaces where a more petite or narrow tree would be best. We suggest you try one (or more!) of these five Colorado trees for small spaces in your landscape.

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Benefits of Trees

Eight Benefits of Trees in Your Foothills Landscape

Apr 19, 2018

Trees have many benefits beyond just looking nice. They reduce stress, clean the air, provide privacy and even save you money! Learn about the benefits to planting trees in your Denver foothills landscape.

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prevent pest and disease on trees

How to Prevent Insect & Disease Problems on Trees & Shrubs

Mar 22, 2018

Getting an early start on dealing with insect and disease issues can make all the difference between a beautiful, healthy landscape and one that’s plagued by problems all season. By focusing on prevention, rather than reacting to disease and pest infestation when it happens, you save money that may be spent on unnecessary pesticides and get to enjoy a more attractive environment.

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Late Winter Tree Care Tips for the Denver Foothills

Feb 22, 2018

Late February to early March is a good time to check trees for any damage caused over the winter and take steps to prepare them for the upcoming warm season. We share our tips for what to do right now in your yard, as well as important tree care issues to address before spring arrives in full force.

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winter drought in colorado

How Winter Drought Damages Your Landscape

Jan 22, 2018

Lack of snow during winter doesn’t just affect our ski areas, it also impacts all of the plants in your landscape – both during the winter and in the heat of summer. Recognize the signs of drought stress and learn how you can prevent some of the damage.

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recycle a christmas tree

Ways to Recycle a Live Christmas Tree

Dec 14, 2017

Not only are real trees better for the environment before they are even harvested and used as Christmas trees, but they can continue benefiting the world around us after the presents are opened and the ornaments are back in storage. In this post we share several ideas for recycling your fresh Christmas tree after the holidays.

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winter watering for trees

Why You Should Water Your Trees In Winter

Nov 21, 2017

Although trees and shrubs are dormant during winter, they still need water to survive – without supplemental watering many trees commonly planted here in Colorado would die. This article explains why that happens and how to water your plants in winter.

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