How to Prepare for Tree Removal

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  • Confirm Your Service 48 Hours Before the Scheduled Date
  • Step-by-Step: Preparing Your Property for Tree Removal
  • What About the Tree Stump?
  • Want New Trees Planted?
  • Once the Job Is Completed

Removing trees, especially in the foothills west of Denver, is a big job. It takes a lot of preparation and planning to remove a tree quickly and safely.

But there are a few things homeowners can do to prepare for our arrival and ensure we can start on the job right away. As a tree removal company based in Evergreen, CO, our schedule is often booked up to 30 days in advance (although it may be longer when winter weather or wildfire threats unexpectedly put work on hold!), and a lack of preparation often means we must reschedule.

Here’s how property owners can prepare for tree removal to ensure we can complete the job on time and avoid any avoidable trip fees or rescheduling.

Confirm Your Service 48 Hours Before the Scheduled Date

First and foremost, if you’re working with our team here at LAM Tree Service, we need you to confirm your service with us ahead of time. We’ll contact you 48 hours before your scheduled

service. All we need is for you to respond by calling us back or sending an email to confirm the appointment.

This ensures you haven’t forgotten about the scheduled service and enables us to accurately schedule and mobilize our crew and equipment on the day of your tree removal service.

Certified arborists from LAM Tree Service using a bucket truck to remove a large tree at a home in the mountains west of Denver.

Prepare Your Property for Tree Removal

In the days leading up to your tree removal service here in Jefferson County, CO, there are a few things that will help us out and make your service easier. But if you will be home during the time of service, that makes it even easier.

Unfortunately, problems can arise when homeowners aren’t present on the day of their service. For example, we won’t be able to remove a tree if:

  • windows on the home are open
  • cars are blocking the access area for our equipment
  • a pet is loose in the yard
  • we can’t access the tree due to locked gate
  • other contractors are doing work on the property, interfering with our ability to safely remove a tree.

If we show up to a jobsite and are unable to complete our scheduled service due to any of these or many other possible reasons, we’ll have to reschedule. The problem is that our calendar is often booked up 30 days in advance, so it might be a month before we’re able to come back out.

Also, we’ll have to charge a service fee for the time and mobilization costs of sending our crew and equipment to your property and not being able to complete the job.

To avoid the headaches and hassle, here are a few simple things you can do to prepare your property and neighborhood ahead of time, making the tree removal process as efficient and painless as possible for everyone.

Move Pets Indoors

Pets need to remain indoors for the duration of the tree removal process. With everything going on, including loud machinery, falling branches, hauling logs, and more, having pets in the yard can be dangerous for them and our team.

The tree removal process can be very stressful for pets, so keeping them inside is best. Offsite might be better for sensitive animals, especially since dog ears are much more sensitive to sound that human ears.

Close All Doors and Windows

Although we’ll leave your property spotless when we’re done, the tree removal process itself is quite messy. There’s a lot of debris and sawdust in the air, and we don’t want any of that getting into your home.

If you don’t plan to be home during your service, please remember to close all windows and doors, keeping your home’s interior safe and clean. This also makes it quieter inside for pets, if you have any.

Ensure No Other Contractors are On Site

It’s tempting to try getting all your home and yard projects done at the same time. But when it comes to tree removal, we cannot safely complete our job if other people are around the work area.

When scheduling your service, and again when you confirm your service, make sure you won’t have any other contractors on-site that would prevent us from safely performing work. This includes regularly scheduled lawn care and other similar services.

Move Vehicles Ahead of Time

Most homes in the front range, especially in Jefferson County, have a lot of space to work with. But some properties will have smaller access points. When we arrive to remove a tree, our crew will need quite a bit of space, especially when our heavy equipment is involved.

It’s best if you can park your cars in the garage during the day. At the very least, please park them away from the work area, and ensure our team has enough space to access the work site. Parking at a neighbor’s house might be a good idea as well. Our equipment may need to park in your driveway and the street in front of your property.

The LAM Tree Service team setting up their treemek to make the tree removal process easy at a Jefferson County home.

Prepare Your Yard for the Tree Removal Process

Take a look at your yard and imagine where our crew will need to work, and how they will get from their trucks to the tree. Our crews will need a staging area: a place to drop large leafy branches, stack logs, and drag wood to the chipper.

Large equipment like bucket trucks or woodchippers are best when they can park as close to the tree as possible, which sometimes means on the lawn.

It’s best if you can remove any:

  • Furniture
  • Yard decorations
  • Planters
  • Any other valuables or anything that can be damaged

Doing this gives our crew room to spread out, allowing them to work more efficiently. And it also lowers the risk of damage to the things in your yard.

Do your best to clear as much space as you can before our arrival, so we can start cutting right away and finish up quickly.

Communicate with Your Neighbors

Depending on how close your neighbors are, you should warn them well in advance when removing a tree. Let them know it will be loud, that sawdust will be in the air, and that large equipment will be used. This is even more important if the tree being removed is on or near a property line.

Although you don’t need to do this, it’s a courtesy most people appreciate. If your neighbor works from home and has an important meeting, for example, they may need to plan ahead to ensure the sound of chainsaws and woodchippers don’t interfere with their workday.

LAM Tree Service arborists grinding a stump after removing a large tree at a home near Evergreen, Colorado.

What About the Tree Stump?

What’s going to happen with the stump once the tree is gone? It depends!

When we remove a tree, we don’t automatically remove or grind a stump. What happens to the stump is up to the homeowner. Some prefer to just leave it as is.

Our team is available to grind away the stump or to remove it whole if possible. This is something you’ll typically discuss with the project manager when he’s putting together an estimate for you.

Want New Trees Planted?

Many property owners want to take down dying, decaying, or dead trees to plant new, healthy trees in their place. If that’s you, don’t feel like you have to start with tiny saplings from the local garden center. Those will take 10 years or longer to become a mature tree.

Our team can help you plant evergreens up to 15 feet tall for instant privacy, and deciduous trees up to 20 feet tall to add interest and shade to your yard right away.

As ISA-certified arborists who live and breathe trees in the Colorado foothills, we can help you choose the right tree and plant it in the right places for you.

Trying to decide which trees to plant? Check out these resources for inspiration:

Once the Job Is Completed

When the tree is removed and our team is finished, you won’t find tree branches or debris lying all over the property. We haul away all the wood and debris and ensure your property is nice and tidy. Our goal is to make your property look like we were never even there (aside from the missing tree, of course!).

When we use large equipment, we usually spread wide equipment mats over the lawn to prevent lawn damage. Once these are removed, you may notice flat spots in the grass. The lawn should bounce back to normal quickly.

Make sure to inspect the work area and your yard once the service is completed. If you notice anything concerning, please bring it to the team’s attention or call us right away.

Need to Get a Tree Removed in the Mountains West of Denver?

Are you ready to finally get rid of that problem tree on your property? If so, the team at LAM Tree Service is ready to make the process as simple as possible for you.

Call us today at 303-674-8733 for tree removal in Jefferson County, CO, or use our online form to request an estimate now.

Or, if you already have your service scheduled and just need your questions answered before the job is done, you can send us your questions using this contact form. We look forward to working with you!

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