Request a Fire Mitigation Consultation


Fire mitigation estimates are provided as a PAID consultation. Developing an accurate estimate for fire mitigation work is a time-consuming and involved process; as a result, we need to charge a fee for the site visit and estimate.

Because of the labor shortage affecting tree service companies across the country, we are currently running about 2 to 4 weeks out for a site visit or consultation. You can expect to receive a proposal within 48 hours of the site visit.

At this point, most new tree work is being scheduled for further out than usual. Some work may be done more quickly, depending on weather conditions and the scope of work. However, please expect that when you accept our proposal, it will be several weeks at least before the work is scheduled.

Please fill out the simple form below to request a fire mitigation estimate and you’ll get a response within 24 hours.

If you have specific questions or would like to talk with an arborist, please call us at 303-674-TREE instead of using this form.

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